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    When your old tree has to make way for a new landscaping project or it has become overgrown and a potential threat to your building, getting it removed by professionals may be necessary. Trees might also fall due to storms and will need to be removed from the road or your yard so they are no longer obstruction. If you are faced with any of these scenario, then hiring a professional tree removal company is recommended to get the job done right.

    About Us

    When the tough job of tree removal calls, we are always there to come to your rescue. Tyler Tree service is a professional tree removal company that is readily available for a wide range of projects. We offer affordable tree care and safe tree removal services for residential and commercial clients. Whenever you need a tree removed for any reason at all, we are the leading Texas tree removal company to call. We prioritize safety and our specialist tree service team will always make use of the right tools and equipment to ensure that every tree removal, trimming or cutting goes hitch-free with no accidents.


    Tyler Tree Services removes trees in the most appropriate manner and in the safest way possible. We render tree removal services in both residential areas and commercial premises. Have you been wondering and asking questions like “where to find tree grinders near me” we are the answer to this and all your other tree related questions. Tyler tree services also offers tree trimming, pruning and cutting services to help bring rogue tree branches under control and for the health and improved aesthetics of your trees.

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    Tree Removal

    When it comes to tree removal, you need well-trained professionals that understand the techniques of safe tree removal. They also need to have the latest equipment and advanced tool if they’ll be able to remove unwanted trees safely. Our team has all of this and a lot more. We can help assess your tree and recommend the best approach for managing them. But if it has been decided that the tree has to go, our job is to help figure out the best approach for tree removal and execute the job without causing damage of any sort to your property. Wondering where to get quality tree removal service near me? Call us for answers.

    “Tyler Tree Service is one of the best companies that offer tree services Tyler TX. The team is highly competent and well equipped.” - Howard M.

    Emergency Tree Service

    There are a lot of possible tree-related emergencies that can come up. Whether a disaster as already occurred or you need urgent help to prevent one from happening at all, you need tree removal professionals that will respond promptly without raising the tree removal service cost too high simply because it is an emergency. All our tree removal services including tree cutting, trimming, pruning and complete tree removal are available as emergency tree services available any time of the day and any day of the week for your safety and convenience.

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    Tree Trimming,
    Pruning & Cutting

    While it’s cool to let trees grow naturally and let their limbs grow wide, this is not always recommended. Tree limbs need to be trimmed and pruned regularly. This is necessary for the aesthetics of your tree and for their overall health and safety. Branches may also need to be cut when you notice them growing too close to utility structures, your fence, or building. But tree trimming and pruning should still be handled by professionals. Hacking branches down indiscriminately just to avoid tree trimming cost instead of hiring tree specialists is not recommended. Simply call in professionals to get the job done properly and efficiently.

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    “Do you need tree service specialists you can trust for safe and reliable tree removal services? this company is one of the top choices you should consider.” - Gill B.

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    Commercial &
    Residential Service

    Both homes and business properties may need tree removal services at any time. This is why our services is open and available for all and sundry. Whether your tree is on a private premises or you need our services on your commercial property, get in touch with us and we will schedule a service that is just for you. Our tree services are fully customizable depending on who’s asking. You simply need to tell us what you want and how you want the job to be executed and we will get the work done. We can handle large scale projects and can work with park authorities, government agencies and other high profile organization to deliver quality tree services you can trust.

    tree stumps on the field

    Stump Removal & Grinding

    Removing trees is only one part of the job, sometimes, you will need our experts to come in and remove the tree stump that has been left behind by a recent tree removal or one that was carried out years ago. We can remove tree stumps out of your yard or grind it to a safe height using specialized cutting machines that grind it into small chips and heavy duty machines that can remove the stump along with all of its roots all at an affordable stump removal cost. Get in touch with us if you need us to include stump removal with your standard tree service cost or as a separate standalone service.

    “I needed stump grinder services and Tyler Tree Service was our topic among the several options available. They did a good job and we were not disappointed. Right from my first call to request the tree removal estimate till the project was completed, the team remained courteous and professional. Good team and excellent management” - Malory M.

    Contact Us Today

    We are always open for service. Contact us today to know more about tree services and how to get the help you need for you tree. You can call any of our service numbers or send us a mail to find out information such as cost of stump removal, tree removal cost per tree and the cost of tree trimmer services in Tyler. Call today to schedule an appointment for any of our services.